Popic x Maps

Years ago we did a remix swap with the excellent Maps (James Chapman) on one of our favourite tracks, Start Something, and he repaid us with an absolutely mint remix of Holy Funk from A Call And Response. Once we’d sorted our heads out and finished Arrows, we though we’d see if he fancied a crack at any of the album, and the result is a version of Popic that we think deserves it’s own release.

Popic (Maps Remix) is out now on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, etc. The lush full version (before we tried a cheeky edit to turn it into a four minute pop song) is available only on our Bandcamp page for streaming and high-res audio download.

The video was shot by Rick Bebbington during Iceland’s worst summer on record.

Streaming links:

Bandcamp & Update

New stuff available now on Bandcamp. Download a bundle of all of our records for £18, and buy a t-shirt/vinyl/digital bundle of Arrows for £30. Open Hearts is now available too. Includes unlimited streaming on the Bandcamp app.

We also have some No Chords t-shirts and a very limited amount of Open Hearts t-shirts for sale (includes a download of either Arrows or Open Hearts in MP3, FLAC, AAC, etc).

We’re working on a few things for summer and later in the year, keep checking our social media accounts…




Arrows – Out Now

Our third record is finally out! You can listen to and buy Arrows through the link below.



The vinyl edition of Arrows will be available on the 27th of April. Order it now from these fine record shops.






We’re gutted to have to let you know that due to unforeseen circumstances, Friday’s planned vinyl release of Arrows is having to be delayed by three weeks until 27th April.

Anyone who has pre-ordered the vinyl via our Bandcamp page will be contacted individually by email with further details, and we have been assured that contact will be made for any pre-orders through other outlets.

The album will still be released via streaming and download as planned this Friday 6th April, and a digital copy will be available for download or streaming for anyone who has ordered the vinyl through Bandcamp. Enjoy!

New Single – Arrows

The title track from our new album is out now, follow the link below to The 405 to listen.

Pre-order our third album Arrows (out April 6th) on limited edition transparent blue vinyl here:

Glasgow and Bandcamp

We’re playing another show in May, and we’re really excited about playing Glasgow for the first time in forever. Ticket details here.

We’ve also added some downloads and merch to Bandcamp. Available for download and streaming is the international EP compilation of Transition and A Quiet Life, the Airtight Sessions, an expanded Call & Response, and vinyl and digital pre-orders of Arrows.

Deathmask & Gigs

You can watch our new video for Deathmask below (scroll down a bit for Spotify, Apple, and other links to pre-order our new album).

We’re also playing Manchester and London in May, follow the links below for tickets. We’ll be adding more dates, so keep an eye on here and our social media accounts.

4th May, Manchester, Soup Kitchen –

10th May, London, The Lexington –


Our third album, Arrows, will be released on Deltasonic on April 6th. It’s taken a long time to get right but we’re really excited to share it with you.



  1. Arrows
  2. Punches
  3. Fractals
  4. Popic
  5. Beasts
  6. Deathmask
  7. Kroqd
  8. Brutalist
  9. Dancers
  10. Monuments

Listen to Deathmask now and pre-order on limited edition vinyl:



New album released 6th April 2018 on Deltasonic

Manchester band return with 6 minute single ‘Deathmask’:

Somewhere between utopia and dystopia The Longcut have constructed their own monolithic world. Impossible to place but undoubtedly familiar, on their new record Arrows, Manchester’s sonic architects have carved out their own Upside Down within the crevices of the North; sublimely sweet, bittersweet and bleak, where concrete blockades loom large, but songbirds emerge from clouds overhead.

7 years in the works but much less time in the making, several cuts of each song and two versions of the album later, Arrows embodies aggravation. Sliced, diced and layered up again for the 21st Century, Arrows shows strength from struggle through its stark contrasts; “We were going to call it ‘Monuments’ because of this process of chipping away and adding things,” tells bassist, Jon Fearon.

Whilst previous albums A Call and Response (2006) and Open Hearts (2009) were formulaic in structure Arrows was formed from the rolling approach of no clearly-defined beginning, middle or end. “Much of the album was born out of frustration with the whole process,” reveals the band’s vocalist and drummer, Stuart Ogilvie of the album’s brutal leanings. “Like even when you know good things are happening in your life, other situations can get you down. That balance or imbalance is felt by everyone so hopefully people can hear this journey and relate.”

Behemoth of a lead single ‘Deathmask’ is the perfect case in point. Energetic, menacing and mesmerising, the words came together very quickly. “I was walking home in a pretty shitty mood and this really ominous weather front came over,” recalls Stuart. “The sky went dark and there was this static electric feeling in the air, powerful and foreboding. That’s where the line “Under the gathering sulphur” comes from. It got me thinking about escapism; not to some sunny uplands, but to a place where the natural order was breaking down too.”

Raw, brutal, pounding the senses and always from the heart, The Longcut are ready to launch Arrows into 2018’s bleak and beautiful horizon.



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An Update

Stu recording YHTRTBYCH

We’re taking a break from recording for an ‘intimate’ show on Saturday 5th September at Dulcimer in Chorlton. Expect new
songs, the odd old one and maybe some rustiness. Tickets are here:

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Upcoming shows

No gigs booked at the moment.

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