By Way Of Explanation

Hello. We thought we’d best post an update at the end of the incomprehensible time-fog that is 2020.

First up, a link to replay our Tim’s Twitter Listening Party for A Call And Response. This was absolutely great fun and genuinely mind-blowing at times, with people dusting off memories we’d long since obliterated with lack of sleep, too much alcohol, etc.

Let us know if you’d like Arrows or Open Hearts for the next one…

A Call & Response

The first confirmed gig of 2021 is the Fair Play Festival, where we’re playing at the request of our friends at Speedy Wunderground with The Lounge Society and PVA.

Tickets are available here:

We’ve been working on new stuff in between the bedlam, including Stu’s remix of Equinox from the excellent Astral Bodies album ‘Escape Death’.

We’ve also unearthed and compiled some odds and ends of various songs and half songs that we’re fond of but never quite worked their way onto a record, from way back in 2003 up to 2018.

Available to stream and download from our Bandcamp.

There’s been a lot of time spent messing around with new sounds, melodies, and FX pedals while in lockdown. More to come, and hopefully soon, but here’s some melodies from Tier 3 from Lee for now.

Upcoming shows

No gigs booked at the moment.

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