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Transition EP

(UK, 2004)
Deltasonic/Sony BMG

1. Transition
2. Late Night Bus
3.A Last Act Of Desperate Men




A Quiet Life EPquietlife_tn

(UK, 2005)
Deltasonic/Sony BMG

1. A Quiet Life
2. DVT
3. Dead Man




The Longcut EPlongcutep_tn

(Australia & Japan, 2006)
Etch N Sketch/Sony BMG

1. Transition
2. Late Night Bus
3. A Last Act Of Desperate Men
4. A Quiet Life
5. DVT (Aus. EP only)
6. Dead Man



A Call And Responseacallandresponse_tn

Deltasonic/Sony BMG

1. A Last Act Of Desperate Men
2. Gravity In Crisis
3. Transition
4. Holy Funk
5. A Tried And Tested Method
6. A Quiet Life
7. The Kiss Off
8. Lonesome No More
9. Vitamin C
10. Spires



Vitamin Cvitaminc_tn

Deltasonic/Sony BMG

1. Vitamin C
2. Vitamin C (Four Tet Remix)





A Tried And Tested Methodtriedandtested_tn

Deltasonic/Sony BMG

1. A Tried And Tested Method
2. You Are Nothing Without Your Robot Car
3. Circus Time (Euros Childs cover)





Airtight Session Live EPairtightep_small

(Download only, 2006)
Deltasonic/Sony BMG

1. Idiot Check
2. Gravity In Crisis
3. Lonesome No More
4. The Kiss Off





You Got The Love / Idiot Checkygtl_tn


1. You Got The Love
2. Idiot Check





Open Heartsopenhearts_vsmall


1.Out at the Roots
2.Something Inside
3 Tell You So
4 Evil Dance
5 You Can Always Have More
6 Open Hearts
7 At Any Time
8 Mary Bloody Sunshine
9 Repeated
10 Boom
11 The Last Ones Here




Broken Hearts EPbh_cover_147


1. Open Hearts (Broken Hearts edit)
2. Repeated (Woman In Panic remix)
3. Tell You So (Earlies remix)
4. Open Hearts (Borland remix)
5. Tell You So (Gallops remix)
6. Repeated (Toro Y Moi remix)
7. Open Hearts (Outputmessage remix)

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