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A Call & Response

Ten years ago we released our debut album, after taking far too much time in many studios with some very talented people to make it. We’re having a party at the Ruby Lounge on June 17th to celebrate, with a few friends playing live and DJing. You should come.

Details and tickets are here.

A Call & Response

We’re still hammering out the kinks and adding bells, whistles and sparkly bits to album 3. Follow us on Facebook/Twitter for random and occasionally informative updates.


We’re playing the Cosmosis festival at Victoria Warehouse next year (March 12th) , which we’re quite excited about because the lineup is superb, and with any luck we might have some new recordings bouncing around the internet. If you’re lucky mind, you know how slow we are…

Further details including tickets and that kind of thing at the Cosmosis website:



An Update

Stu recording YHTRTBYCH

We’re taking a break from recording for an ‘intimate’ show on Saturday 5th September at Dulcimer in Chorlton. Expect new
songs, the odd old one and maybe some rustiness. Tickets are here:

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A Party

Hello. Years ago we were rehearsing in some barely adequate space in north Manchester and heard another band through the wall who for once weren’t rubbish. In fact, they were pretty good! It turns out this was the Nine Black Alps, who we have since toured and got drunk with more times than we can remember. They’re playing their tenth anniversary show on December 14th at Gorilla, and we’ll be there as well. We may even test out more new songs on you, if they’ve been hammered into shape by then.



If you’re wondering where our new records are they exist in various states in our heads and on our laptops. We’re working hard at the moment to get them ready.

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Stu Writing Feb 2013

We’re still alive, and working on album 3.

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More to follow…







Upcoming shows

No gigs booked at the moment.

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